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Healthwise Hypnotherapy and Minfulness

Cope confidently with hair loss

Hair loss can come about for many reasons and if you are not certain why you are losing hair you should always consult your doctor. Losing hair can be frustrating for anyone, but if you’re a woman, losing your hair will probably make you feel even more upset and worried.

We commonly take how we look with our normal head of hair to be part of our identity, and losing your hair may bring about loss of confidence and a general feeling of insecurity. Regardless you’re going through medical management for hair loss or not, it is extremely important that you do not let these thoughts and feelings about your hair impact your well being and social life.

The hypnotherapy sessions offered at the Clinic is developed to suit individual needs incorporating evidence based techniques of mindfulness meditation and clinically approved Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Each element of the hypnotherapy session is designed to help you relax around the idea that you are losing your hair. you'll find that you

• feel a deep sense of unshakeable calmness in yourself
• notice a growing feeling of self assurance
• no longer feel concerned what others may think
• hardly ever worry about your hair any more

So if you'd like to make some positive change to your life, now's the time to make it happen!  

It's time to take a positive step

Contact the clinic today on 0422 100 364 to start making a positive difference in your life.